My name is Mrs. Henke,
I'm committed to the success of ALL Jefferson Students. Research has shown that students with daily Physical Education have a higher academic performance and better attitude toward school than students without daily Physical Education.
Our District Physical Education Curriculum contains sports skills for individual and team games: fitness testing, conditioning and strength activities that will prepare our students for a lifetime of fitness. K ~ Start Smart, 1st ~ Movement and Me. 2nd Coordination,Cooperation and Confidence. 3rd ~ Highway to Health. 4th ~ Fitness Frenzy. 5th ~ Lead, Engage, Assess, Perform.
Please keep your child/children active! Keep them off the couch and away from the video games! Take them on a adventure in the woods, ride bike or go to the park!
Please feel free to observe or participate in your child/children's Physical Education class.
*Please make sure your child/children have proper fitting shoes! Too big is a safety issue as they tend to trip and fall more. *Please put a pair of socks in your child/children's backpack to have in their locker. 
*Please have one pair of shoes, that they ONLY wear for Physical Education.
* If you have ANY concerns or if I should know anything about your child, Please call me at school or stop in for a visit.
Four Rules of the GYM ~ Jaguars are Prepared!, Act Responsibly!, Give your Respect!, Safety First!!!
Be your own kind of Beautiful and Believe in yourself! :)

2017 ~ WOW!
 We will be starting the year out with Gymnastics, Rope Jumping, Step Aerobics, Basketball, Fitness Testing,Volleyball,Tennis,Track, Softball and Summer Games!
As usual we will Cross Country Ski,* If the weather cooperates*!!! Fourth and Fifth Grades ONLY do this ( February 6-10 ) We will also continue to do STRONG JAGUARS! Help you child/ children to practice Sit-ups, Push-ups and Jogging!

Contact: Robin Henke